It has been nearly two months since school has started for me and most people.  Probably more depending on where it is that you go to school.  And I am already tired.

For the past few weeks, I have had exams, quizzes, homework, graded assessments, research and group presentations.  It feels like it does not end and I cannot do something that I like, but in the end I know that all my sacrifice and hard work will be worth it, since there is an end goal in mind. In addition to everything going on in school, I am also applying for university which is another story altogether.  I do not feel stressed out or like I will have a nervous breakdown soon.  Instead I feel tired and a bit sleepy all the time.

 The weekends are too short but the week passes by too quick, which is both a good thing and bad thing, since i want a break, but this year is my final year of college with people I have known for a while.  *

There are some days I have classes all day, 6-7 periods for the day, while other days I have 1-2 periods.  That’s just to show you school is such a weird thing.  And yes we do have a syllabus which we have to have completed by the end of the school year to write external exams. **

As much as the academic part of school gets a little too much for me, I have good teachers to help me get through my final year.  I may not have strongest friendships or the best technological devices but I have myself and family to help me get through it all and keep my sanity at the same time.

That has been a summary of the past two months for me.  How was yours and how do you feel now?

PS*I have an english based education because of where I live, so in addition to secondary school, I attend a 6th form or college for two years and right now I am in my final year.

PS** A period at my school is 40 minutes long and in a day we have 8 of them.  However, a subject can either have a single period, which is a 40 minute class or a double period class, which is a 80 minute class.  There are five subjects for a day, and students do 4 subjects; 3 options and 1 compulsory, and have a free period, in which they have no subject for that time.

< PS. Let me know what you think. >

xoxo 4

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