If you look up to the url, you will see the letters .com at the end of my web address.

*Round of applause*

I have finally decided to bite the bullet and pay for the domain name, making the blog official. This is a really big thing for me because in the past, and I still do with my other blog Now Distinct, I used the free version.

You might find that it is a silly thing to be proud of and you can make fun of me for it, but I honestly do not care. I decided to do it for personal reasons which I will get to soon. Being a university student, paying subscription services that you may (or may not) be using frequently, the cost adds up really quickly per month. And it is even worse when your bank balance is low, and you do not have a job.

But this time I wanted to do something different. I have decided to make Live Laugh Love Liah my personal project. Cross my fingers that it is not a one time thing and I continue past the summer.

Here goes…

xoxo 4


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