For some, Chocolate is a treat that we seldom enjoy, or in some cases always feel for. For me, Chocolate is different. It is a big part of myself, that I did not know I needed.

2016 was a really difficult year for me. From losing three puppies, ending one school to starting another, moving to a new country and being uncertain of my grandmother’s health, there were lots tears, disappointment and unhappiness with myself and the world because I thought it was a never ending cycle. I was alone in it all, with no one speak about it with.

 An Unfortunate Mix-Up

 When I first met with Chocolate, I thought I fell in love. He was the best thing I had ever laid my eyes on. I swear he was perfect. There was nothing wrong with him that I could see. Turns out a week later, that I actually fell in love with his brother and not him, because there was a slight mix-up with them.

A week later, I met with the actual Chocolate. Going to be honest here, he was ugly. I was disappointed and I wanted his brother instead of him. I secretly wished that he looked better or I could get his brother instead.

It All Changed

The day before my birthday Chocolate and I met again. This time, he looked different. Better actually. And I slowly started liking him again. Along with my cousin, Chocolate spent my 19th birthday with me. It was the best day ever, even though we did not leave the house. We ate pizza, which is my favorite thing ever, and played games that day.

That year, my birthday meant a lot to me. There are a lot of memories there because I was actually happy for once. Chocolate became a part of my family.  And most importantly, that was the day which made me fall in love with Chocolate all over again.

Part of the Family

After leaving home in August, we did not know how much we needed him in our lives. Being so close to my grandparents, a gap was made there when I left and he was the one who was able to fill it. I am not jealous about that since I was always known as the favorite in the house. In fact, I am happy because my biggest worry before leaving was that they would be lonely and unhappy, just as I was.

What Makes Chocolate Special

  • He loves to eat freshly cooked food.He loves playing, especially with his toy or your slippers, which are sometimes new.
  • He is a good listener, even when he is not supposed to be listening.
  • He likes to drink his morning milk.
  • His small teeth are sharp, which is why he likes to bite.
  • He is very loud.

What You Should Know 



  1. He was born on May 24th
  2. I got him on July 24th (two months later)
  3. He is a one of a kind puppy.

And if you want to know he does not look the same way anymore. He has grown so much and it sucks being so far from him.


< PS. This entire post was part of a university assignment which I thought was too cute not to share. >

< PS. Let me know what you think. >

xoxo 4

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