I made myself a promise. A goal. That I would blog twice a week for the next few weeks. I even bought the domain name to make it official. But here I am questioning myself and the reasons for doing this.

No one’s forcing me. There is no one pointing a gun to my head or standing behind me expecting words to flow on the screen. I am all alone in this. But here I am at nearly 10 PM with nothing prepared. At the same time it is not my job. It is a hobby. It is my summer project. A way express myself through words on the screen.

The thing is, its not easy. People may think it is, but lets face its not, unless you can show me. If you are going to put something out there, you want to show something you’re proud of. Not something mediocre, just because you have to.

I am not a strong writer. I struggled and continue to struggle with basic essays at university. And I feel that writing should be a skill that is important because you never know when or where it is going to come in handy. Blogging is my way of practicing.

I have a bunch of thoughts mixing together in my head. I just can’t put into words. I have trouble doing that. Finding the perfect words to say to fit the screen and to get my message across, its difficult.

If you think blogging is easy. Think again, its not…

xoxo 4



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