The past few weeks, I have had this mantra in my head.

Kept on saying it to myself frequently because I knew that my birthday was soon.

‘Goodbye Teens, Hello Twenties’

There is no meaning or story behind it. It just happened to be what I thought of every time I remembered that I will no longer be a teenager after July 25 2017. In some ways its scary, because I feel like there is some maturity that comes with being a twenty year old.

No longer do I have to depend upon people to make decisions for me. I am the one who will be making those decisions for myself. I am the one in university, entering the workforce soon for my first ‘big girl’ job.

Looking back on the past year, I have changed so much. And in a good way that I do not regret one bit.

I no longer care what people think about me, I do what I please and most importantly, I have learnt to go after what I want. Before turning 19, I was only known as the shy girl, with long ‘straight’ hair and bad acne. And I do not consider myself to be that girl anymore.  I am more than that.

I got my acne cleared. Yes there are still scars and I will get one at that time of the month, but the majority of it is fixed. Because of this, my confidence has taken a major boost. Also, I do not wear make up, or even worn make-up before. So all my imperfections are there for the world to see.

I have learnt to wear my hair its natural way. The curly, wavy, crazy way. And its fine. I do not need to wear it straight because that is the only time people find me ‘pretty’. Also, yesterday I cut the majority of the damaged ends. Starting off my twenties fresh. Have not had it that length in years.

I do not follow, neither have I ever followed the latest trends. I do not wear collars, but instead wear by gold necklace that I have had since I was a baby. My wardrobe is basically a combination of blue, black and white. I rather wear a chunky sweater, jeans and a hoodie everyday because thats what makes me comfortable. And I will throw on a dress once in while for the occasion. I also prefer wearing high tops/running shoes than sandals and heels. I guess I am not a girly girl, but I have learnt to be fine with that.


I went on my first date at the beginning of the year and had my first kiss a few months later with someone else. These are things I do not regret because they were actually really sweet moments that I enjoyed and was not awkward. I have never been in a relationship, neither am I rushing it. And that goes along with losing my virginity. And you know what, I am fine with that.

I enjoy having my vent lactose free mocha with no whip cream from Starbucks, iced or cold. And thats the drink that I always get year round. Not going to lie, my money runs low because thats what you get for being lactose intolerant. We need more dairy free options available people.

 I have learnt to live on my own, in a new city away from the family that I have known my entire life. It was definitely one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but I know that in the end it will all be worth it.

My teen years were great, but I am hoping that my twenties will be better…

< PS. Let me know what you think. >

xoxo 4


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