Before the school year ended, I told myself that I would use the 2017-2018 school year to focus on myself. I had no plans on joining clubs, especially the executive team. My plan was to improve my grades, even though they are good and become a more confident individual. Interestingly enough, almost month before the new school year starts, what I said before is further than the truth. Here’s what happened.

In the 2016-2017 school year, I was on the executive team of a newly ratified club at the school. It was one of the greatest opportunities that I have experienced. And there is a good chance that I am going to be part of the team once again this year. However, it is not 100% confirmed, since we are the in the process of recruiting new members.

[Opportunity 1] After the school year ended, I realized that I wanted to do something during the upcoming school year. On Facebook, I saw several positions for different groups and applied to two those I was interested in. I got rejected from one position, knew it was going to happen because in my mind I called the interviewer [who is most likely the President by the way] an asshole to both my journal and my friend, and did not get to the interview stage for the next one. At that point, I felt worthless.

Two months later, while on Facebook once again [whats new], I saw another opportunity. Keep in mind that I had seen others previously but I was not interested in what was available. [Opportunity 2] I applied for the position with low expectations, and two weeks later had an interview with one of the Presidents. Three weeks later I got a position, even though it was not the one I applied for. And I accepted it because this was a good opportunity.

Just when I was revamping this blog, I saw there was opportunity for the school’s newspaper and thought maybe this was meant to be. [Opportunity 3] So I applied for a position and next week I have an interview with the Chief Editor. Just after I applied for that position [the next day actually][Opportunity 4] I saw another opportunity which came up and applied. Had an interview with the President and Vice-President today.

In my head, I am asking how did I go from one possible opportunity to four possible opportunities, even though there is no guarantee that I will get all four. Still there is a chance a small one at that. I have no idea what I am doing. But then I do not think of it as a mess because I would have different experiences and be able to grow as an individual. And the funniest part is there is still another group that I am keeping an eye on to see if and when they are opening up to new members, because it deals with what I am studying at school and the market that I want to go into, which is finance.

I am not exactly sure what I am doing with my life/sanity especially, when I have three math classes lined up next term.

Am I crazy?…

< PS. Let me know what you think. >

xoxo 4

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